Vodafone offers exciting schemes offers for the subscribers

In the world of mobile phone technology SIM card is essential for all the subscribers without which no one will be able to talk, browse and use the phone. SIM card is called as Subscriber Identity Module that is made up of PVC material in which a semiconductor circuit is installed. The semiconductor chip is responsible for the connection establishment. The mobile phones we use have antenna that receives the signal from the network tower and using the signal from the tower the person will be able to talk to other persons who use mobile phones. Network is nothing but a company for which particular amount of bandwidth of spectrum is allotted to sell and the network will not be able to go beyond the allotted limit. The person who uses particular network in his or her mobile phone will receive signal from the particular network tower available nearer to the place where the person is. The one of the best mobile phone network that allows multiple offers for the subscribers is Vodafone. Vodafone SIM only is a scheme allowed by Vodafone network which is used by millions of people.


Schemes and offers as per the usage

Subscribers always expect offer from mobile networks and there are different plans for the subscribers given by all the networks. The fact is that the schemes are based on the usage of the subscribers because there are subscribers who talk a lot, who talk less and who talk moderately. Based on the usage the subscriber can change the plan they use as the network allows change of schemes. Each scheme will have fixed charge with needed benefits provided to the subscriber. It is the subscriber who decides what type of scheme is suitable for him or her. One of the wonderful schemes by Vodafone net work is SIM only. This is a plan in which the customer signs a contract with the network from whom he or she buys the SIM.  The network will provide a SIM and the customer is offered with bundle of calls in minutes and seconds billing.

SIM only scheme

Vodafone SIM only offers a short period of contract in which the customer can avail bundle of calls with data also. The bill for the calls used and the data used will be sent to the customer monthly. SIM only scheme is simple that the network does not provide phone with the SIM, they provide only SIM and the customer can chose any model of phone he or she desires and unlock the phone using the provided SIM. If the customer uses the Vodafone SIM either prepaid or post paid the customer has to recharge a lot or pay a lot to speak the same number of calls and use the same amount of data available in SIM only plan. But in the SIM only plan the cost is low and this is the reason that many students use this service as this scheme is cost-effective. The SIM card given by Vodafone in this scheme is free and the customer has to pay the bill monthly or as per intended plan given by the network.       

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