Top stories to tell during childrens entertainers reading sessions

It is always a fun time for everybody when the childrens entertainers reading sessions start and for two very easy to understand reasons. The first being that children simply love a good story and the second being that in every childrens entertainers reading session, there is bound to be lots of fun and expressions that make the whole thing even more enjoybale. If you’re looking to introduce some good stories to be told during the childrens entertainers reading then you have come to the right place.

  • Cinderella and the 7 dwarves

This is a classic Disney story that talks about the adventures of a young princess who is constantly being hunted by an evil witch and where she befriends 7 friendly dwarves who end up taking care of her until her prince shows up to take her away. There are many great lessons that the children can benefit from hearing about this story and as such as highly recommended for any childrens entertainers reading sessions.

  • Beauty and the beast

The moral of this story is to never judge a person based on their appearance but to look deeper inside to see who they really are. This is a great story that is often filled with lots of song and dances which will entertain the kids to no end. It is also a great way to show them how not to be judgmental of the way others look like regardless of how different they may be. A timeless classic from Disney that is sure to delight and entertain each time.

  • The little mermaid

The moral of this great story that should be included in any childrens entertainers reading session is that one should always be careful of what one wishes for, because the consequences could be dire and unforeseen. This story is about a little mermaid living under the sea and who wishes she could walk on land and fall in love with a crown prince. Little does she know that her wish is about to come true but not in the way she expects!

A heartbreaking story about young love and one mermaid’s endless pursuit, this story is sure to not only entertain the children but it will also help them understand that the things they wish for can and always have consequences that are simply unpredictable.

Regardless of what stories you end up choosing for the childrens entertainers reading sessions, it is important to pick stories that the children can learn from and it is even better if the story itself has more than just one lesson so the children can stand to learn more.

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