Take a Tour Visiting the Top Places in Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is a coastal area located besides the Bay of Bengal water body. This place is the biggest educational centre in India. As “Detroit” is considered in America as the automobile hub same is “Chennai” for India. Chennai and Bangalore always have a clash for the biggest IT Hub as these places are filled with IT companies and provide loads of job opportunities. Apart from job opportunities chennai is also a place to explore and grab some great memories. Always wear light cotton clothes in chennai since this place has three weather patterns: hot, hotter and hottest !!

The city is home to a number of expatriates from outside India as well as in India and ranks third in this category. India is a developing country and Chennai is the city which is growing at a rapid pace and in 2014 it was considered as the best place to live in India. Since India is a country famous for its spices and its food so that also makes people of India big time foodies and according to National geographic, Chennai has been remarked as the 2nd best city for food. Because of the industries and the number of job opportunities, it is in the fourth rank in increasing India’s economy. There are number of tourists coming from different parts of the city and some prefer to visit Chennai via Hyderabad by taking a Delhi or Mumbai to Hyderabad flights as Hyderabad is a city close to Chennai and very popular for its food and culture. There are number of beaches and exciting places one can visit in Chennai:

Marina Beach:

Considered World’s second largest beach this place offers the most fun time in Chennai. Sides of the beach filled with palm trees and sand the sunrise at this place with sunrays falling on the trees and the golden sand makes this place photogenic enough to make anybody go crazy to visit Chennai. Because of its beautiful scenery and cool weather this place is mostly crowded throughout the year.

Elliot’s Beach:

This is an alternative to the much crowded Marina Beach and will give you the most of what Marina can give you to cherish. The beach is also called as Besant Nagar Beach by the locals. A memorial built here by Dutch sailor Karl Schmidt is another attraction which tourist love to visit.

Covelong Beach:

One the way to Mahabalipuram there comes another beach named Covelong Beach which is famous for its water sports and beach activities, this place is loved by people who come here for the adventures sports. Windsurfing, Kayaking, swimming are some of the watersports consistently organized here. These are counted in the top things to do in Chennai. Also one can go to some ancient mosques and churches located nearby the beach.

Thousand lights Mosque:
A place where one can just sit peacefully, chant the name of god and get his shower of blessings. The place is named “Thousand lights Mosque” because the hall is lit by the 1000 oil lamps everyday. For those unaware, One should always make sure that women sit in a separate hall for offering prayers.

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