People with different mentalities and different personalities exist in our present world and it can be sure that every individual might have met someone or the other with the same personality and same mentality. These people when they met can have a great time together as everything will be same either it can be their tastes or anything else. But the disadvantage here is it might not last longer than expected because people will surely get bored of their presence as they feel nothing new and surprising things in their lives. And there will e people who are ugly and also very beautiful and there are different types of being ugly and beautiful too. They are inside and outside. Being beautiful inside is always good and it will surely last longer than outside beauty. But being ugly inside is the worst part ever and these people are much more dangerous even if they don’t look very ugly from outside. am i Ugly is a question which will pop up in people mind who feel that they don’t look very good from outside.

am i Ugly

It is not very important to be looking good externally but yes, people give more importance for those who look good physically. But I personally feel that external appearance will not last long and the most important thing for a person is being beautiful from inside i.e., from their heart and from the way they think. Am I Ugly is a wrong question but it will surely make everyone feel or think at least once or twice in their whole life. The main reason for making them think like that is-environment or people around them can be the reason and also have lack of confidence4 can also be a reason.

What makes people look ugly?

  • Over confidence-having confidence is fine but being very confident doesn’t look good all the time and this will make them look ugly from inside.
  • Laziness-people with utmost laziness tends to be not so clean and this will surely make them look ugly both from inside and also outside.
  • Selfishness-people are selfish as it is human nature of being selfish but being overly selfish is not so good and so people should be selfless in all aspects and in return it does only good for others and also for themselves.
  • Conceitedness-these people tend to be blabbering are showing up more about themselves.
  • Narcissism-people who are highly addicted to drugs and steroids as they will never be in this world.
  • Cynicism-they has a dim worldview which makes them always think negatively about themselves and also people around themselves.

Qualities which make people feel not ugly:-

  • Humorousness-being good at sense of humour is always a positive aspect both for themselves and also for others as it will increase their confidence.
  • Confidence-being confidence is always good and it makes them not to think much about others or what they say.

Honest interest in others-people being honest is most likable and they will easily attract people towards them.

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