Pros and cons when it comes to the options of sleeping of your newborn baby

When it comes to the aspect on how your newborn baby is going to sleep, the range of options may seem to be a bit intimidating. Here are some sleeping options for the newborn discussed with their pros and cons as well.


Ideal for smaller toddlers or babies, it is one of the traditional options. The major advantage of the crib is that it requires less updates and it can be modeled on your child, till he reaches the stage of graduating to a full-sized bed.

sleeping options for the newborn


  • The accessories associated with it can be found in an easy manner
  • There is no need to upgrade as it can be converted into a toddler bed
  • They are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles or designs.


  • It is available in large size than many options, which may leave your baby a bit unsettled
  • It is a bit expensive

Co sleeper

Referred to as a co sleeper,bassinet or a bedside sleeper lets your baby sleep just beside you. It may look like a crib on one side, which is lower on the other, so that one can reach the baby easily if they need feeding


  • It is easy for you to reach the baby for a cuddle or a feed and for this reason night time disruption is reduced
  • It is smaller than a crib in a lot of ways
  • The baby is safe as they tend to have their own space. A lot of these sets have co lockers which means that you can move it from one room to another with a lot of ease


  • If there are no wheels, it is harder to move it from one room to another
  • As it happens to be smaller than a crib, it tends to outgrow quickly
  • The accessories of bed have to be limited

Moses basket

It is considered to be among the cheapest and easiest sleeping options for your newborn baby. It does offer the best newborn baby sleeping positions on all counts as it happens to be the most portable due to its light size, design, handles or compact design. One can go on to rest it on the floor or there are special stands in place if you want the basket to be in an elevated position. The only drawback in this regard is that it is difficult to come with up with replacement bedding as most of them tend to have their own customized bedding


  • No way denying the fact that it works out to be the cheapest sleeping option for your baby
  • It is very much like a bassinet where the baby also feels snug in a mosses basket
  • It is very portable,light in weight and easy to store


  • As stressed earlier difficult to find a replacement bedding
  • It also tends to quickly outgrow


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