Marvelous display and Best features of Galaxy S9

Recently launched, Samsung S8 has an outstanding display, and now it is expected with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S9 that there will be even better display.


Display Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus made by technology Super AMOLED – bright, contrast with natural black without the typical AMOLED, to transmit the content 10 HDR standard, resolution Quad HD + (2960 x 1440) and a density of 529 pixels PPI. As you can see, it is elongated, and the ratio of its sides is equal to 18.5: 9. On the one hand – it’s cool and the movie is set to full screen, and on the other – as long as is necessary to suffer the black bars on top and bottom, as not all applications (mainly heavy games) learned how to turn on the full screen, and a built-in “stretchers” on the whole screen sometimes causes incorrect application hosting elements. In general, waiting for the developers bother, because for such a future relationship. People are getting excited to know about the Galaxy S9. Galaxy S9, the phone, which is coming out next year, 2018, is amazing. It would sustain a large, neat display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is a protective layer on it. The display can withstand the moisture and dust, giving the phone a waterproof quality. There is a special thing about Galaxy S9 display that it won’t have any physical button to make its screen size appear larger. Sensors would be present on the backside just like the Galaxy S8.

Not only the display of Galaxy S8 is marvelous but its internal functions are also awesome. Let’s go back to the screen. The corners maximum visibility, the brightness is adjusted in a very wide range, at minimum brightness, even in complete darkness the screen does not hurt the eyes, you can also activate the blue filter, and the bright sun brightness of the display, as they say, more than enough. Adaptive works correctly, smoothly adjusting brightness without sudden unexplained jumps. If something in the color reproduction does not suit you, you can fix everything right in the settings, there are a ready profiles and precise of channels: red, blue, green, as well as the choice of the color temperature of the display as a whole, and at also have the ability to switch the display resolution. And personally, I always go to FullHD +, there is no difference, and the battery is less than consumed. In Galaxy S9, the sharpness and the colour effect of screen and pictures are beautiful. The battery consumption is low even if u keep the brightness level high. It’s an interesting feature of S9.


Let’s start with the camera application in Galaxy S8. It is fairly simple to use and has a nice interface, all the essential elements are on the main screen, swipe to the left opens a menu mode, which can also be downloaded separately, and swipes right to open the color effects menu. Settings menu, in turn, competently and conveniently sorted. If we take a look on Samsung Galaxy S9 camera, it is brilliant. The 16MP+16MP Dual primary camera with the 8MP front camera is awesome. The Ultra High Definition images of S9 will win users’, heart.


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