Know About Your IMEI Status

IMEI is an abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is basically a numerical series or a serial number which is a unique identification given to a GSM or UMTS cell phone.  It is usually a 15 digit number which is developed by breaking it into sections that give information about the phone. It gives information about the phone, for example information about its manufacturer and other features to the network it is connected to. It is an identification number given to some satellite phones as well.  To see the IMEI number of your device, you simply have to check the battery compartment of the phone where it is usually printed. Some of the phones also have a feature of displaying this number on the mobile screen. All you have to do to read your IMEI number is to enter *#06#. This number can also be found if you go the settings menu on some of the smartphones operating systems.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) system uses the IMEI number in order to identify the valid and the genuine devices. It is of great use in case of any theft or if it gets lost. The person who has stolen the phone will not be able to access the mobile network. In such cases, one who owns the mobile device can call up the particular network provider instructing them to block the phone access. This can be done by using the IMEI number of the device. This actually makes the device complete useless for that unauthorized person on that particular network. It is sometimes futile to change the SIM and use it as it becomes inactive on almost all the available networks. It is not by any means related to the subscriber and is solely used for identifying the particular device. However, if one needs to know the subscriber, the same can be identified by transmitting an IMSI number. IMSI stands for International Mobile Subscriber Identityis a unique number to identify the mobile subscriber and it is usually printed on the SIM card. Find My iPhone IMEI status check can be ensured by following the few simple steps-


  • First of all, you need to go to “settings”
  • There you have an option as “iCloud”, you need to press this.
  • If required, you may sign in with your Apple Identity
  • Turn on the option “Find My iPhone”

Lot of second hand iPhones and iPads are bought from the black market, authorized Apple resellers, from EBay site or may be from another individual. Whatever may be the case, it is very important to ensure that the apparatus at the time of buying is back to its default settings. It should have no connection to the previous owner’s account and should appear as a new device to you.

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