Hidden facts of the winning ice hockey team

Games are the most interesting as well as an activity that could make everyone feel good and active in terms of both mind and body. Whenever you play the games, your health will be improved. Moreover the people who playing the games will have their increased concentration and other inter personalities will be enhanced. This is why in schools and the colleges more importance is given to the sports activities. And also the sports events are gaining the attention of the people at major level. Among the various kinds, ice hockey is one which has not gained the attention of the world till last decade.  Yet it has its own interesting facts that are hidden.

Ice hockey:

Ice hockey is the games where the two teams of players will be separated and play in the ice rink. The interesting thing of the game is that the players chasing the puck on the ice rink by competing with the other team of the players with their hockey stick in their hand. The total team consists of twenty players and on the ice rink only six players will be participated when playing the game at one time. Among them they will get separated as two defenders who will take responsibility to defend the goal that are put by the opponent team players,  two forwarders and goal tenders. ice hockey team1Goals tenders are mainly responsible for the blocking of the goals. This game will have its set of rules and regulations and everyone should follow it. If the rules are violated by any of the people in the team, the particular should be in the penalty box until the penalty time is over. The penalty time will be given for two to four times. When the player is in the penalty box he cannot play in the games so that the rest of the players should take care of the game play without any trouble in between the time.

During the period when there is no reach among the people for ice hockey, the Norwegian team Sparta warriors has gained the attention of the people when they got the Norwegian championship for the first time. Since there was no proper recognition for ice hockey game has received by the players, they had to struggle a lot for building a rink for them. After a long time, they got the outdoor rink for them. But the ice rink was not able to withstand for the changes in the weather conditions. So the Sparta warriors took the initiative step to build the indoor arena for them. It was named as Sparta amfi. Though they got the indoor arena for them there were some other struggles that made them to achieve the goal. So they need the help of the Lasse Beckmann who is a Swedish coach. He took the responsibility to make the team good at the gaming skills in order to improve them as the winning team. For more details you can visit the link http://www.spartafans.no/

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