Enjoy Deals From O2 Mobiles For Other Devices

When you are searching for a new device, but using an existing, this is the best time to lift from your old choice. The O2 SIM only contract will offer you various benefits.  There are various offers available from O2 devices and they are,

  • Apple I Phone 6S 16 GB Rose Gold:

Under this option, you can get unlimited texts and 1 GB data for unlimited minutes and these are all available at only 28 per month.

This option is available for you under 2 years deal

50% cash back is also available

  • Apple I Phone 6s Grey:

This will also offer you same options as you enjoy with the previous one.

Unlimited texts can be enjoyed at only 28 per month for unlimited minutes.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB Black:

One can enjoy unlimited texting for non restricted minutes

3GB data is also available

It will cost totally £856.


  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB White:

All offers are available from O2 at 2 years contract.

There will be provided unlimited texts for unlimited minutes

3 GB data is also available

  • Apple I Phone 6S 16 GB Gold:

O2 will offer you unlimited texts for unlimited minutes.

You can enjoy 5 GB data

You can enjoy entire offers at £40 per month.


  • Apple I Phone 6S 16 GB Rose Gold:

Under 24 months or 2 year contract, you can enjoy unlimited texts for unlimited minutes.

5 GB data is available.

Offers will be provided to you at £40 per month

More Information About O2:

O2 is a highest quality provider. It will offer packages which will be suitable for everyone. The packages available are monthly packages and also pay per rate packages. This Organization will offer you most competitive rates for UK calls, text messages and international calls as well as reward scheme whereby extra minutes, texts and VIP tickets are awarded to loyal customers. O2 is one of the largest mobile phone providers in the UK with its impressive growth by creative services and payable taxes are available. The O2 firm will offer various ranges on deal. It is also named as the best network among others. It is the best network when concerned to its services and offers. When you take O2 SIM only deals, the offers being provided by this are not restricted to a single device, but also for more devices. Enjoy offers at O2 for free.

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