Decoded e-liquid – A fluid in electronic cigarette

E-liquid is a fluid used to refill the tanks in the electronic cigarette cartridges. This special solution is vaporized by a battery powered atomizer in order to produce the sensation of smoking. The decoded e-liquid consists of two primary ingredients such as flavoring and an atomizing base. Actually, this liquid nicotine solution is specially designed for electronic cigarette smokers who look to obtain the best in class of e cig. This e-liquid becomes very thick and contain vaping additives such as vodka, distilled water and pure grain alcohol, which are used to dilute the solution. One of the most commonly used dilutents in the electronic cigarette liquids are propylene glycol, polythene glycol and vegetable glycerin. However, these entire liquid source are regular food additives and commonly used in a mixture of pharmaceutical formulations.

Important steps to use e-liquid

When compared to traditional cigarette, the e-liquid is a fluid that can vaporize to synthesize the smoke. This special liquid solution is coming with a variety of flavors and content of the different liquids. If you are an electronic cigarette lover, you just use your favorite flavor of e-liquids in the cartridges. Here are the steps to be followed on how to use the e-liquid in an electronic cigarette.

  • First of all, you have to select your favorite e-liquid solution from the reputed store.
  • Before opening an e-liquid bottle, you have to shake it well because it contains main ingredient such as vegetable glycerin that is heavy and settle at the down layer of the bottle.
  • Now, you can remove the lid and make sure to add approximately 20 drops of new brand atomizer or cartomizer.
  • Once you have added the extra liquid, let the e-liquid tip set for a few minutes because it needs to saturate the internal fibers.
  • At last, the electronic cigarette could be ready to use and you just press down the button of your e-cigarette and enjoy the inhale as you desired.

decoded e-liquidThings you need to know about decoded e-liquids

Today, the e-liquids are available in a vast collection of tobacco flavors such as Turkish tobacco, Cuban cigar, Virginia tobacco, American light tobacco and clove and many more. One of the most popular flavors of the electronic cigarette is menthol used in the e-liquids with several different variants such as green tea, fresh mint, peppermint, ice and spearmint and so on. Nowadays, many of the electronic cigarette smokers are looking for the best decoded e-liquid solution in order to satisfy their smoking.

Currently, there are about 300 varieties of e-liquids available in different flavors such as fruits, chocolate, vanilla, spices, coffee and soda. So you can pick the one according to your tastes. When you use e-liquid, the most important thing to be considered is do not use any diethylene glycol or essential oils. Before purchasing the specific flavor of e-liquid, you must read the printed label on a bottle or packing and make sure the ingredients are chemical free. Therefore, these flavored e-liquids do not have taste like cigarette smoke rather you can obtain the exact flavor of tobacco.

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