Casual wears getting a boost in men’s wardrobe with change in office dressing habits!

When it comes to buying t-shirts, people often look for faster ways out. Unlike the previous days when people used to buy t-shirts that were supposed to be durable for long periods of time, nowadays they are the victims of frequently changing fashion cycles. No more are the clients looking for durability; they are more concerned with the quality of the garments.


How quality matters

Each garment comes with unique challenges for quality. They are made up of various types of fibres, often blended together. Mostly natural fibres are preferred although regenerated fibres made out of natural origin are also preferred. Being natural, these fibres are extremely comfortable and convenient to wear in all seasons. They have high capacities for moisture regain that help in controlling the body temperature.

The t-shirts and sweat shirts today come in a variety of designs. Mostly the printed designs are preferred and the latest techniques for printing like laser, enamel and flock printing techniques are used. The question comes as to the fastness of the colours that are used for printing. The dyes and pigments are notorious for bleeding that can bring down the quality of garments. In order to overcome this, fasteners and binders of good quality are used.

Branded t-shirts like Philipp Plein billig make sure the fastness quality is maintained high. Also they take care of other quality parameters like drape and shrinkage. The binders used for improvement in fastness often bring down the drape of a fabric. Only good brands can ensure through proper technology that it does not happen.

Discounts and prices

Online branded stores are famous for their discounted prices. The major reason for this is that online stores have low establishment and overhead costs that takes the profit up. This in a way allows the brands to offer higher discounts than retail stores can. The ease of printing also helps in keeping the costs low. Printing is a far more convenient way to achieve aesthetic appeal. The designs can be made fast using software applications and take much less time to be created. Also, the lower time to prepare them keeps the cost of each design low too, as compared to woven designs that involve more time and high end technologies to be used, resulting in higher costs. Printed t-shirts and sweat shirts are thus less priced than the other varieties of men’s garments.

Change in office wear habits

Nowadays many offices are shifting from formal to semi-casual and even casual dressing habits. Earlier once a week it was okay to wear casuals. But now many IT companies and MNCs have allowed more than one day of semi-casual dressing; even a few are accepting employees to come in casual wears everyday. The change in office habits have resulted in a shift of the wardrobe collection for the youth, and today they are replacing their formal wears with more of casuals. T-shirts and sweat shirts rank on top of the new collections while training jackets and sports shorts remain among the all-time favourites among the college goers.

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