Anasazi Foundation helps youth to overcome various issues that are hampering their normal life

Adolescence period is a critical phase of life and in this period most of the youths and children are facing some or the other behavioral issues. Some are getting addicted to life-threatening drugs & alcohol, some are inclined to pornographic pictures and some have problems with their family. During this time, they need to be monitored closely with love & affection. And if not then these harmful habits will definitely ruin their career and future.

Anasazi is a perfect place for those youths who are going through a bad phase in their life. Founded in 1988, in Arizona this organization is helping out youths and children to overcome with their issues and motivate them to get back into their normal healthy life.

Programs and treatments offered by Anasazi Foundation 

The programmer is solely designed for youths having age between 12-17 years. They offer a 50 days training where children live in primitive lifestyle and learnt different skills & experience to adjust with the adverse situation of nature. This kind of treatment is known as Wildness therapy. During these 50 days’ children cook their food, build their shelter to protect themselves from natural calamities and other wild animals. They walk almost 10 miles per day in the mid of wide jungle. Each child is supervised under a counselor who works closely with both parents and their child. They monitor each child very affectionately and help them to conquer their bad habits. Programmer psychologists and clinical directors are also present there to assist counselors.


Parents are also encouraged to participate in different programmer in order to get better results. Parents should attend different relationship based workshops and other programmer that are parallel conducted by the foundation. Parents need to take feedback from their respective counselors and psychologists regarding the improvement of their children’s behavior. Treatment at Anasazi Foundation mainly addresses depression, anxiety, oppositional behavior, substance abuse, relationship problems, lack of motivation and other issues related to lack of self-regulation and moral identity. During the training, participants are divided into groups and each group contains 3-8 youth participants. Every group has 2-3 staffs and almost 24hrs they are in touch with back up personnel via radio communication.

Training programmer fees is near about $ 435 per day including one-time admission fees of $ 1250. With its distinctive therapy techniques Anasazi has featured in many television documentaries and is highly appreciated by many people.

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