5-MAPB and its derivatives are analogues of amphetamine and methamphetamine respectively and it also belong to the novel psychoactive substances (NPS). They are not consumed separately; it is always consumed with euphoric because it gives more effects. In many of the countries these compounds have to be tested in the laboratory that covers drug testing which should be controlled in some more countries. Hence, few metabolisms say that they use rat urine for samples after a high dose of the corresponding NPS with a solid extraction without any cleavages to be happened. Standard urine screening are done with common users dose of 5-MAPB could be confirmed in rat urine that approaches with the corresponding parent drugs have to be used. From the human urine samples it can be found by their indigestion because of unknown doses of 5-MAPB, but using the metabolites could be detected by their parent drugs. Their plasma concentrations are found clearly. 5-MAPB is also known as emphathogenic stimulant and it is usually sold in the form of powder and many people take it rectally and orally and 5-MAPB is a substance that is being derived from another substance 5-APB. Yet the positive and negative properties to buy 5-MAPB have to be evaluated, hence chemistry students and some research chemical scientists have a great chance of discovering many of its properties of 5-MAPB. Its 5-MAPB is 5-methylaminopropyl and its formula weight is 225.7 where its purity will be less but it’s greater than 98% when it is sold.

This product comes in powder form and also in crystalline solid form and have stability for up to 2 years and it will be stored in a room with a low temperature of -20C. 5-MAPB design is same as MDMA hence it exhibits the same properties as that of MDMA. When its properties are less stimulating then it creates effects like jaw tension and other effects are also reported and it is said that it is slightly more potent than MDMA based on its reports. For example, 50 to 70mg of 5-MAPB is equivalent to that of 100mg of MDMA and it never gives equal effects to that of MDMA, it happens because each user reacts differently to the chemicals only their quantity differs for each chemicals and their dosage is tentative. Sometimes it differs for all human consumption; dosage of consumption will be safe for one human whereas for other people the same dosage will be high. The drug’s onset is usually between 45 to 60 minutes and its duration last between 5 to 8 hrs and after effects ranges from 2 to 4 hrs and this consumption also varies from each of the users. Some of the users said that to  buy 5-MAPB drug gives effects which is middle step between MDMA and 5-APB while other user said that they can’t able to distinguish the feel from MDMA  for about 20 minutes. Then their experiences turned into differences between 5-MAPB and MDMA, it gives effect such as some slight visual changes and it increases their social activity.


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