20 Business Ideas with No Startup Cost

Are you fed up with your current job? Do you want to become your own boss? How about starting your very own business? Sounds pretty good idea, isn’t it? It seems you don’t have the adequate amount of money to start with the venture, right? Does this bother you? Don’t worry because there are some business ideas that actually require no startup cost or very little amount of wealth.

List of the 20 amazing business ideas

Don’t you want to have a look at the amazing business ideas that are low in cost and you with start with them right now? Following are the list of 20 business ideas that are good to go without any startup cost or very minimal amount.

  1. Real estate brokerage or property consultancy

How about starting with your very own realty business? Several best real estate agents in Chennai and other parts of the country began their journey in the field practically with no money. All you need is few good contacts with the potential buyers and sellers and you are good to start with the property business. You can seek the help of the classified ads of the local newspapers and the internet and help people to find their dream homes. Property broker app in India has popped up as a major tool used by the professionals in the field.


  1. When you start with an online business venture it can bring huge profits and yield revenue all through the year if operated correctly.
  2. With few good contacts and phone connections along with fast internet connectivity you can start with your recruitment firm from your home.
  3. Freelancing has emerged as a popular option among the young people to earn money. All you need to do is post your skills and expertise on open forums and you are good to begin.
  4. If you have the skills and the creativity, you can start with your own interior designing business.
  5. How about turning your hobby into business? Take up photography as your profession.
  6. Do you have the knack in offering education and teaching others? Become a personal tutor.
  7. Content writing is an art and you have the passion for writing you can start with your own online content writing business.
  8. Do you have knowledge in branding, marketing, finance? Start with the consultancy firm.
  9. Wedding planner can be a good option as well
  10. How about opting for an Insurance agent or consultant
  11. You can start your business as a fitness and yoga teacher
  12. Career counseling can yield revenue as well
  13. Baby sitting is an interesting business idea with no money
  14. Cooking service is very popular in the metro cities
  15. Security agency is a good business idea with minimal startup cost
  16. Event management business can be started if you are good at organizing and handling events.
  17. Starting with IT support service in this era is a smart move
  18. Tiffin service is profitable in the cities
  19. Starting with a dance, music and drawing school yields high returns


The above mentioned are the top 20 business ideas with little or no startup cost. Real estate brokers in Chennai are believed to have involved very little amount of money when they began their business.

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